Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lisa: The Painful RPG Fanart

I generally don't like to do fanart, but when drunk drawing on stream last night I decided to ask for a fanart request from my viewers, and Lisa: The Painful was suggested. One of my all-time favorite games so I went for it.
From left to right: Nern Guan, Brad Armstrong, Terry Hintz

If you haven't played Lisa you're really missing out on the most tragic experience in video game history. It will really mess you up. I fucking loved it. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016


On request of Spoonshiro, I have done three videogame screenshot mock-ups for a class project of his. There is also the matter of a logo for said project, but fucks sake its 3 am right now and I've put 8 hours into this today. That's a full work day and you cant legally make me do more, Spoony! I'll call the district manager! Yeah, I'll call Donny! Don't act like I won't, I'm on Donny's good side!

Burned Dirt, totally not a clone of Scorched earth.

Clobber, a street brawler full of old in-jokes.
See if you can spot them all!

Dust Wars, a turn based strategy war game for the Grentendu Distraction Lad Deluxe.

Monday, April 25, 2016

More Old Scrappos

I dug deeper into my old art folder and found a bunch more old stuff tucked away in a subfolder of a subfolder, so now I'm going to dump it here. Most of this is from before 2012 and a lot of it is unfinished, because why would I bother completing it if the Mayan Apocalypse was right around the corner?

Im putting the images under the jump break because its about to get ugly. Click "Read More" if you want to see a man losing an arm and green lantern if he was a pimp instead of a superhero.

Moped Jousters!

There's three things you want to keep in mind when you want to knock something on its ass: be quick, strike hard, and keep a low center of gravity. The Moped Jousters know this well. The best among them can plant their laser sharpened lance deep into the engine block of a tank then scoot off into obscurity, and the assholes inside won't even know what happened until they climb outside to find what has been colloquially called "a middle finger" sticking out of the ass end of their now useless idiot tub.

And thus ends ELEVEN HOURS of drawing today, holy good fucking christ! Thats six drawings in one day, a personal record! The Jousters could use some more work but I was getting pretty ragged around the 9 hour mark. Also, I would like to thank the lardpirates crew for... fucking nothing all they did was queue up nickelodeon commercials and fucking modem sounds to my playlist. (Nah, seriously though guys thanks for sticking around and providing some critique and occasionally tossing me some good tunes.)

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Man's best friend since our dumb asses fell out of the trees and couldn't climb back up, alerting us to danger and aiding us in our hunts. Nowadays, It's not uncommon to come across a working dog exploring the world that is making a bigger paycheck than you. The evolution of the dog has progressed so rapidly that it knows more about how to survive an encounter with alien invaders than most people do. There is even one account of a dog disarming a nuke somewhere up north. Man, that's one good-ass dog.


One thing needed on this bastard of a planet is copious heaps of pure muscle, and the Meatheads have perfected the art of getting ripped. Their extreme training regimens handed down through generations can turn your average scrawny nobody into a brickhouse Adonis at incredible rates, amazingly without having to rely on dangerous chemicals that have led others down dark paths into maddening hugeness. They're not the brightest, but when you're crushing engine blocks on your forehead like beer cans something silly like graduating high school is of little concern.

Road Shamans!

For centuries they have travelled the land in vehicles older than the New Histories. Ancient hot rods faster and more durable than any new-aged imitation, held together by masterful engineering and ancient mysticism. Their abilities also extend far beyond fixing up old beaters. When the world ended for the umpteenth time and we were all squirreled away in our cozy little shelters waiting for whatever crazy demon landed via meteorite to tire out and sleep for another thousand years, these guys were outside livin' it up.